Our Pillars


Transparency and traceability has been define and apply from our Tier 0 to Tier 4 supply chain. Our Suppliers Code of Conduct is based on SMETA, standard, internationally accepted as good labour practices. Anuall Audits are performed and responsible Social and Environmental practices are required across of our supply chain.


We care about the people behind our clothes, so we are committed to apply best labour practices to ensure healthy, safe and fair work conditions for our employees, according to our CSR policies, following international Standards defined under the SDGs. Periodic training are carried out to ensure understanding and achievement of our sustainability goals.


Health & Safety is a priority: Social and Environmental impact are key. Our strategy focuses on crucial textile sustainability aspects, such as eco- design, waste and pollution prevention, safe and organic, recycled and biobased materials, responsible supply chains and new circularity business models.


We work hard in order to guarantee customer's requirements, adopting and applying programs such as Higg Index, OEKO- TEX® and ZDHC. Aligned with the industry, we are Members of Textile Exchange, BCI, GOTS, and we collaborates with main sustainable fibres manufacturers such as Lenzing, Renewcell, Naia or Seaqual.

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